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What plant is a favorite Feng Shui application, reaches up to 6-8 feet tall, brings good luck and fortune? The Money Tree Plant, of course! We will give you four good reasons why you need a money tree! But first! Have you ever wondered how the Money Tree Plant got its name?

How the Money Tree Plant Got Its Name?



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Reason #1: Money tree plants bring good luck and fortune according to an 'ole farmer's tale. Legend has it that an impoverished farmer prayed for financial assistance and afterward found this plant on his farm. So he began selling it, and his prayers came true! He made a fortune! Now, we all know money doesn't grow on trees, but the tree gave him the means for this ole farmer! Maybe it will do the same for you! Cha-ching! 

Reason #2: Since then, it's a favorite of Feng Shui applications. Adding this to the plant repertoire in your home may give you the same results! And bonus, you'll enjoy the shiny, slender tropical leaves that grow natively in Central and South American wetlands. This plant grows upwards of 30-60 feet in the wild but typically will reach a maximum height of 6-8 feet. Whew! You can imagine it raining money down on you or at least shading you! 

Reason #3: Toxicity Level: This money tree is safe for your pets. But still, discourage your pet from chewing on it. Please give them a chew toy instead to preserve their good luck too. 

Reason #4: Air Cleaner: You can take in a deep breath of air with this one around! The Money Tree Plant is on the list as a very efficient filter of pollutants. It also purifies air contaminated with synthetic elements from cleaning products. So, fill your yoga studio with money trees for good measure! 

How to Care for a Money Tree Plant



Light preference: 

Lively Root's Money Tree Plants like very bright, indirect light. Feng shui principles designate the southeastern area of your home or office as the most prosperous area so if you have a window in that location, by all means, use it! However, if you have an eastern area of the home that would be appropriate with indirect bright light, this is also known as the home's health area in Feng shui and can double as a wealth and health location. Linger in this spot with your Money Tree Plant a little bit longer! 


At Lively Root, we recommend adding a pebble tray to the bottom of this plant to create humidity that would mimic its native environment. Water well with rain, bottled or filtered water once every two weeks, or let its soil dry out completely between watering. They like to be soaked well, then dry out, much like their native habitat. Its leaves will droop and indicate when it needs water, so watch it closely or use our 3 in 1 plant meter to help understand the moisture content. Spritz it occasionally between watering and add a humidifier by it if your humidity runs below 45%. Or take it to the shower with you to give it added moisture in the room or keep it near a sink in the kitchen. These are all good places to increase the humidity around it. 

Ideal Temps: 

The Money Tree Plant can thrive in temperatures between 55-90° F. So when the temperatures drop at night, bring it in if it's on an outside porch. When bringing your plants in for the winter from being outside, make sure to examine them well and wash them down of any pests or dust before transporting them inside your house. We suggest misting them with Neem oil solution for good measure to get any invisible hitchhikers. 

Plant Food/Fertilizer: 

You will want to fertilize your money tree from Lively Root in the spring and summer once a month. In the winter, it is not necessary and needs the rest. Use a 6-6-6 fertilizer or our organic fertilizer like our John and Bob's fertilizer.

Repotting Frequency:

The Money Tree Plant may only need repotting every 2-3 years if it's maintaining its growth levels. Repot using a 2" wider pot than before and do this during the spring season. To keep your Money Tree plant from Lively Root from going through transplant shock, water it well before repotting and let sit for an hour or even overnight. Use specialty soil like succulent and cactus soil for proper drainage. After repotting, water thoroughly again, ensuring that all parts of the soil have absorbed the water and there are no air pockets after transplanting. Let the plant drain and set it on a pebble tray or add a plant humidifier nearby to keep the air humid. 


Cleaning the Money Tree Plant can be quickly done with a spray bottle. Spray until the solution runs off the leaves. Repeat as needed, but don't overwater. 

Common Issues of the Money Tree Plant



Common issues we see in our customer service department are scorched leaves, wet soil, and pests. 


Scorched leaves-when you see this, it is getting too much direct, full sun. Move it away from the window and clip off the leaves so new ones can form. This way, the energy isn't going to a leaf that's not going to heal. 

Wet soil is also a common problem. We over love our plants, and when the soil stays too wet for too long, it can attract those dreaded fungus gnats. To remedy this, make sure it's potted in succulent and cacti soil for proper drainage and let it dry out between waterings. Then, apply a fungicide to the soil like BT or mosquito bits to the soil so when you water, it will release the organic chemical to kill the larvae. If you see one fungus gnat, it equals 150 eggs, so be careful with this problem. 

Aphids or mealybugs can attack this plant too. Lively Root recommends using Neem Oil for pests. You can purchase it in a concentrate and then mix it with water in a spray bottle to apply. It is an organic plant-based substance from the neem tree's seed kernel that has been cold-pressed to release the oil. We also have blogs to help with pests in our plant care section of the website. 

Great for People: 

Lively Root's Money Tree Plant is an easy plant to raise as long as you have bright, indirect light since it can handle some neglect with its watering needs. And who wouldn't want a little good luck, especially in the finance and health departments, right!? Over time, you'll want to provide it with air space so it can spread its leaves upwards of 6-8 feet. 

Great for Business:

Lively Root's Money Tree Plant is a favorite for corporate gifting. We offer a white-glove service on all our corporate orders and provide custom branded gift options as well. What better plant to send a client or customer that signifies both fortune and good health! It's a fitting symbolism and fun plant to gift your corporate clients or anyone starting a new career or even as a graduation gift. The sky is the limit with this favorite. Go to our corporate gifting page, download Lively Root's brochure and schedule a time to speak with our team. 

Great for Space:

Lively Root's Money Tree Plant will thrive well in a humid place like a bathroom with lots of bright, indirect light. An eastern, southern, or western exposure will supply it with the light it needs. It will grow to at least 6-8 ft. inside the house, making it a lovely canopy plant for higher ceilings. 

Complimentary Plants with your Money Tree Plant

Another complimentary plant that is also colorful is the Flamingo Flower. Its watering schedule, high humidity requirements, and bright, indirect light needs match the Money Tree Plant well. Plus, you have those exotic blooms to enjoy and add that tropical feel to your indoor collection. 

For more information, check out our video on taking care of your new plants. In the info below, click on the link if you still haven't purchased your Money Tree Plant yet! And best of all, write in and tell us how the Money Tree gave you good luck and health after purchasing! Tag us @livelyroot or use the hashtag #livelyroot.

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