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Starter Plants: Questions & Answers

The Perfect House Plants to Weather Any Challenge

If you’re a complete novice with gardening at home, you’ve come to the right place. This starter plants for delivery page will give your green space the advanced head start you want. On our continuing mission to educate and encourage your love of plants, we’ve collected the best low-maintenance house plants to hone your indoor gardening skills and ultimately succeed. Not only are they easy to grow, but they are also the most forgiving houseplants ever. So, if you forget to water them, provide them with inadequate or unbalanced lighting, or don’t keep a constant temperature at home, these house plants are sure to survive the lack of proper care. Best of all, these starter plants for delivery are as beautiful as they are robust!

The starter plants for delivery products on this page are must-haves for people on the go who still want the beauty and other benefits of caring for indoor plants at home. We've gathered our knowledge and experience to select the ideal plants for beginners or people who don't have the time to spare. For example, our Golden Pothos or Lil' Bit Golden Pothos (a smaller version) is next to impossible to kill. They do the opposite and thrive under the worst conditions. They survive so satisfactorily with little care that we've bundled them as an easy-to-go New Plant Parent Kit. We also suggest our Bromeliad collection of plants that only need to be watered weekly in warmer seasons and even less in the colder months. Starter plants for delivery from Lively Root are what we're all about—the company that grows with you.

Starter plants for delivery are everything you need to begin your adventure in home plant gardening. Even if you do not know what to grow indoors but want to enjoy all the aesthetic and practical benefits of house plants, our starter plants for delivery recommendations are your best bets to raise. Lively Root will ship your starter house plants from our home-grown nursery straight to you so that you can start right away.