5 Plants Moms Deserve This Mother’s Day!

Mother's Day is one of those Holidays that kind of slips through the cracks and has us all running to the store for a card and flowers....Let's face those are beautiful gestures but, flowers die in days and sometimes it's hard finding the perfect card to really say how much she means to you! What better way to shower your mom on this special day, than giving her the gift that keeps on giving back. Don't worry we know your mom is a busy lady so we wanted to share EASY CARE plants as well! She doesn't have to have a green thumb to love these ones they're all easy care! Plus every time she waters her new plants she’ll be thinking of you! Insert the hands clap emoji because ALL moms deserve to feel special especially on Mother's Day! Let us look at the best plants for Mother's Day.

Here are 5 Plants Moms Deserve This Mother's Day! 

1. Blooming Kalanchoe


First of all your mom will love this succulent because it's bright, lovable and colorful just like her! Second of all, It's an easy-to-grow long blooming succulent. Kalanchoes are a mainstay of just about any low care space that wants a splash of color! They love bright, natural light without much direct sun. Since it's actually a succulent, their fat, fleshy leaves don't want to be watered all the time. Instead they prefer less frequent waterings (and a little more when they're flowering). We think this is one of the best plants for Mother's Day, hands down!

2. Double Flowering Premium Dancing Queen Amaryllis Bulbs


Amaryllis Dancing Queen is absolutely captivating just like our mothers! Her gigantic, over-the-top, bright white, fully double flowers are candy-striped with vivid Salmon streaks. The ruffled blooms will prance and dance their way into your moms list of favorite bulbs. She's a true queen of the Amaryllis, with every bulb producing multiple enormous flowers per stem.

The Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) is a bulbous plant where the funnel-shaped flowers bloom in a cluster at the top of the stem. They can be grown outdoors in the garden in warmer climates or indoor plants near the bright, indirect sun. Their drop-dead gorgeous colorful blooms cause quite a stir wherever they are on display. Your mom deserves some color in her life so this is perfect for her!

3. Ponytail Palm 




This plant is perfect for moms who are just getting into plants and are expanding their plant mom room! Our ponytail palm plants for delivery will add a quirky touch to any room. It has thin, curly leaves that gently tumble down past its thick stalk. Although it looks utterly whimsical, it's actually low maintenance and one of our favorite starter plants. 

4. Burgundy Rubber Tree


This plant is easy for moms who are beginners! It's a great starter plant. They can quickly grow up to 8' inside and do best in bright to moderate indirect light. So great for any space that your mom wants to get her indoor garden started with!

5. Lady Palm


This plant is not only beautiful, it's low maintenance too, making it one of the best plants for a Mother's Day gift! Any mom would love this gifted to her! It's a popular houseplant for more than three hundred years, the lady palm (rhapis excelsa) instantly brings elegance into any room. It's one of our indoor and outdoor plants — it can grow happily on your patio if you live in USDA hardiness zones 8b through 12. It grows from multiple stems and has fan-shaped fronds which give it a truly unique look. 


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