Fresh Plant Ideas for Stylish Kitchens

Stylish kitchens include fresh plants. Get our plant ideas to green up your kitchen and create a cozy feel. 

By: Debbie Neese
May 17, 2022
Fresh Plant Ideas for Stylish Kitchens
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Stylish kitchens include fresh plants. Trends include exciting materials, textures, and inspiration. Greening every room in your home has become more and more popular, and we see it continuing. We've got several fresh plant ideas to share that will provide texture and inspiration to your kitchen design!


Grow Culinary Herbs for the Kitchen

If you don't have the luxury of having a potager garden outside your kitchen door, then opt for some culinary herbs in containers next to the kitchen window. Sitting them under your cabinets where you are able to attach grow lights can have a dual purpose, giving light to your culinary plants and shedding light on counter space! Don't forget the whiff of smells coming from the mint, oregano, and basil (PF-pet friendly). They will lure you into making delicious dishes with fresh ingredients. 

Kitchens are becoming more comfortable spaces with dual uses. Kitchen islands are now where the kiddos spread out and do their homework while parents are close by to monitor questions. Instead of a utility look, they're built with dressers, glass cabinetry, and wooden shelves. It feels more homey and warm. We think adding hanging plants to open shelving is always a good idea and gives that greening, comfortable effect to home life. 

The pot rack above your stove is another excellent area for intermingling your hanging plants (like Marble Queen Pothos or Pilea Bronze-PF). Add some fresh plant greenery amongst the metal to soften the look and create texture contrast. Try drying a few herbs and hanging them upside down for a more farmhouse feel, using raffia to tie them together. 

If you don't have a pot rack already, string up an old tree limb that's fallen and strip the bark (or not). Then, use macrame hangers to display your culinary herbs. You may want to offset them from the stovetop to avoid too much heat. Your culinary plants, herbs, and succulents like String of Pearls will love the humidity the kitchen creates while cooking. 



Create an Eating Nook with a Plant Screen

If you have a large kitchen and want to separate the eating area from the kitchen (no one likes to look at a dirty kitchen while eating), create a living plant screen by using larger planters. Taller plants like our Janet Craig Dragon Plant (Dracaena) mixed with our Red Leaf Dragon Plant Collection (Dracaena) will create a colorful screen, and they're easy to grow. 

Create a hanging chandelier above your kitchen island or even over the table with our new moss ball hanging pots. Add in groupings of odd numbers with your favorite ivy, pothos, or succulent (PF) to the hanger and display them at the height that a light would be above your table or counter. 



Build your Kitchen Color Scheme with Plants

If you've got a color scheme in your kitchen design, accentuate with our containers and colorful leaves like our Crotons displaying a fun color combination of reds, yellows, peaches, and varying shades of green. Rex Begonias bring a lot of texture and color to the kitchen palette. Each leaf has its unique shape and leaf texture that would be pretty in any kitchen. 

Bromeliads (PF) with the colorful flower make an excellent centerpiece and conversation starter! This genus also includes our fruiting Pineapple plants and unique Air Plants. Display them on our macrame display hanger to add more texture to your kitchen walls! 

Now, you've got several fresh plant ideas for your kitchen decor! Mix and match these plants to bring life to the kitchen. The greener your kitchen, the livelier it is for your family! Now you're ready to be your own plant interior designer! Check out our other room decorating ideas for more inspiration.