Mother's Day Plant Gift Guide

Mother’s Day encompasses the celebration of the many women in our lives who guide and often define us. Whether you choose to celebrate your mother, grandmother, a non-biological parent, or a mom-like figure, Mother’s Day gives us a reason to champion them all. The relationship between you and the person you choose to celebrate is unique; the day is what you make of it. That said, finding the right gift that conveys the right thing can be a daunting process. To help you decide, we’ve selected a few plants as gift ideas to cover the many definitions of motherhood.

For the New Mom

New moms are getting used to a new routine full of stress and sleepless nights, but their lives are also blooming with excitement! A great gift for them is Gerbera Daisy, which Celts believed help reduce stress. These beautiful blooming plants will attract butterflies to the garden and will be a seasonal reminder of the joys of this exciting time! The colors of these flowers range from beautiful oranges and magentas to lavender.


For the Mom-like Figure

For some of us, our chosen family is a huge part of our lives. Gifting the mother-like figure in your life on mother’s day shows how much their involvement in your life means to you. Lavender is a great gift for these people, offering utility as an amazing herb and symbolizing elegance and devotion.

For a Grandmother

Many of us may associate time spent at grandma’s with that certain nostalgic and comfortable floral smell from the garden. Even if your grandma is an experienced gardener in her own right, she might still appreciate something hardy but still rewarding with its bloom and aroma such as a Begonia! These plants represent gratitude and are a great way to show someone how much brighter they make your life.


For a Wife

One of the most romantic gifts to give to a partner is traditionally long-stemmed roses, but those are becoming less favored as they quickly become a mess that the recipient has to clean up. A great alternative is getting a miniature rose plant! Crimson Red Miniature Roses are beautiful for your home, and if bought from Lively Root, 40% of the profits are donated to Multiple Myeloma research! Romantic AND meaningful! There are also non-traditional colors to pick from, like Lemon Yellow, Blush Pink, Tangerine Orange, Snow White, and Variegated Pink!

For a Mother-in-law

Snake Plants, one of the easiest to care for indoor plants, are also known as the Mother-in-Law Tongue. The plant got its nickname for the sharp tips of its leaves, representing the sometimes sharp tongues of mothers-in-law! While this is a funny joke you can share with less sharp in-laws, Snake Plants are genuinely one of the most popular plants around! Easy to care for and showing off unique plant architecture, these are great for many indoor spaces.

For an Aunt

Aunts are often pivotal figures in our lives, offering support, love, and humor when needed. A great bright gift for them is the Ranunculus flower, which symbolizes the charm that so many aunts have! They come in a beautiful array of colors, including yellows, pinks, violets, and even bicolor options. 

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