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NYC Plant Delivery

NYC Plant Delivery

Discover the unparalleled joy of plant ownership with Lively Root’s top-notch plant delivery services in NYC. Our mission is to bring nature’s beauty into your home, offering convenient and caring NYC plant delivery for a vibrant and green living experience in the city's heart.

Bringing Nature Indoors: Benefits of Indoor Plants in NYC Homes

Elevate your NYC living experience with indoor plants that go beyond mere decoration. Amid the urban hustle, these green companions bring numerous benefits:

  • Air-purifying power: Combat city pollutants with plants known for their air-cleansing abilities.
  • Mental wellness: Fostering a tranquil oasis indoors promotes stress reduction and improved focus, which is particularly important in an office environment
  • Aesthetic appeal: Elevate your living space with nature’s touch, creating a visually pleasing and serene environment with a selection of flowering plants.

Thriving in the Urban Jungle: Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

Navigating the constraints of small NYC living spaces can be a challenge. Explore how to bring the beauty of greenery into your compact urban abode. Discover smaller plant varieties that thrive in limited spaces, transforming your apartment into a lush haven without sacrificing square footage. 

Orange Flower Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginea)

  • Characteristics: Known for its vibrant orange flowers resembling a bird in flight, the Bird of Paradise plant belongs to the Strelitziaceae family, reaching an approximate height of 4-6 feet. 
  • Care needs: Being a tropical plant, it prefers bright, indirect light, moderate watering, and high humidity.
  • Care level: Moderate 

Peacock Plant (Calathea roseopicta)

  • Characteristics: Named for its striking, peacock-like foliage, the Peacock plant is a variety of Calathea. It typically stands around 2 feet tall. 
  • Care needs: Thrives in indirect light, requires consistent moisture and appreciates higher humidity levels. 
  • Care level: Moderate 

Calathea Concinna “Freddy” (Calathea concinna Freddie)

  • Characteristics: Calathea Concinna “Freddy” features compact, lance-shaped leaves with attractive patterns. It is a smaller prayer plant, growing to about 1-2 feet tall.  
  • Care needs: Enjoys bright, indirect light, evenly moist soil, and higher humidity levels. 
  • Care level: Moderate.  

You can enjoy growing a wide range of plants in New York both indoors and outside on your balcony.

Greening up Cities: The Best Plants for Balconies and Rooftops in New York

In the quest to counteract the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect and enhance the ecological balance of urban spaces, focusing on green solutions for balconies and rooftops is pivotal. By introducing plants in these elevated areas, we contribute to the city's aesthetic appeal and actively combat rising temperatures. 

These green havens are a natural defense against the heat-island effect, fostering a healthier and more sustainable urban environment for New Yorkers to enjoy.

Understanding New York Hardy Zones & Native Plants

Plant hardiness zones play a crucial role for city container gardeners in New York, providing valuable insights into which plants can withstand the local climate conditions. 

With its diverse microclimates, New York City falls primarily within USDA Hardiness Zone 7. Opting for native plants adapted to this zone ensures better resilience and success in outdoor container gardening. 

Explore varieties like the European Cypress Christmas Tree or the Maidenhair Fern, curated explicitly for Zone 7, to create thriving and resilient container gardens that blend with the city’s unique climate. 

Transform Your Outdoor Area in NYC Into a Green Oasis

Transforming your outdoor space into a lush oasis in the heart of NYC is not only possible but incredibly rewarding. Discover plant varieties like the Hardy Hibiscus or Coconut Palm, specially curated for city balconies, terraces, and rooftops.

Consider city microclimates and utilize heated glazed balconies or rooftop greenhouses for year-round greenery. 

For cozy home retreats or chic restaurant gardens, strategically choose larger plants and embrace creative arrangements like vertical gardens with hanging plant varieties to maximize your limited space. 

Elevate your urban living experience with nature’s touch right on your doorstep.    

Seasonal Plant Care Tips for NYC Dwellers

New York gardeners and plant lovers need to consider the unique climate condition of the ‘Big Apple’ to ensure their plants thrive. 

Summer Plant Care in NYC 

As the city sizzles, ensure your outdoor plants get ample hydration and shade during the peak sun hours. Regular watering and a nutrient boost are crucial for thriving greenery in the urban heat.

Winter Plant Care in NYC 

Transition your plants indoors as the frost sets in. Provide sufficient light and maintain a consistent watering routine, adjusting it to each plant's specific needs. Shield them from chilly drafts, and consider using humidity trays to combat the dry indoor air.

Adapting to NYC Climate

New York's dynamic climate demands a flexible approach. Monitor your plants closely, adjusting care routines as the seasons change. Stay attuned to the city's unique conditions to ensure your green companions flourish year-round.

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Transform your home or business space with our exquisite NYC plant collection. Enjoy the convenience of houseplant delivery in NYC from Lively Root. 

Beautify your surroundings with nature's touch! Explore our tailored corporate plant delivery services for businesses seeking a green upgrade. Additionally, consider our plants for corporate gifting and your business events, bringing a touch of nature to your business relationships and special occasions. Let the vibrancy of our plants enhance your space. 

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