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Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata

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  • Pet Safe:Yes

  • Care Level:I'm Easy

  • Overall Size: 4" to 6" W 8" to 10" H

Bushy and beautiful, the Boston fern will add some woodland charm to your home. A natural air purifier, they are super efficient at removing chemicals like formaldehyde from the air. They love indirect light and lots of humidity — making them a natural choice for your bathroom. Please place them in a hanging basket and let their delicate fronds drape over the sides.

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Plant - Boston Fern Detail Detail
Boston Fern
About Boston Fern

In 1848, Michael Jerome Leszczyc-Suminski, a Polish count interested in botany, identified the missing link that created the fern's life cycle. A fern spore will germinate when they finds the right balance of temperature, light, and moisture. But unlike other plants, the fern spore turns uniquely into a different plant with no resemblance to the parent plant. They don't even have roots! But they contain the reproduction organs on its leaf-like underside. After fertilization is complete, the egg grows into an embryo, producing roots, stems, and leaves. Ultimately, the baby fern sends out fiddleheads or the furled fronds of a young fern, unlike their parent but their grandparent - they skip a generation before actual replication!

Care Level: I'm Easy

Likes a lot of humidity

Pet Friendly: Yes

Safe for pets.


Native to Florida, West Indies, Mexico, Central America, South America, Polynesia and Africa.

Fun Facts

Boston Ferns have fronds that can grow from six inches to five feet long.

This Plant's Kindred Spirit is:

Selena Gomez!

A care giver who loves the spotlight and is known for leading her team to victory

Boston Fern

Great For People Who…

  • Great for people with pets
  • Great for people who nurture their plants like their children
Boston Fern

Great For Spaces That…

  • Great for spaces with partial shade patios
  • Great for space with room for a grouping of plants
  • Great for spaces with medium indirect light
  • Great for spaces with shelving or with an upward climbing trellis

Nephrolepis exaltata Care Guide

Boston Fern

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