How to Grow and Care for your Golden Pothos

Written By: Lively Root

How to Grow and Care for your Golden Pothos

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What is a Golden Pothos Plant?

Why is this plant so popular and used in homes as well as commercial decorative displays like shopping centers, offices, and public locations? Because it requires little care and is so attractive! It’s very versatile in displaying them either from a hanging basket in medium indirect lighting to a tabletop display in your bedroom. These make a great starter plant or gift-giving plant for a low maintenance indoor gardener. Its beautiful variegated leaves add a pop of variety in any setting. This vining plant can even be trained to climb upwards and has reached 60 feet in its native environment. 

Toxicity Level

Pothos contains insoluble calcium oxalates making it toxic to pets, cats, and dogs.

Air Cleaner

NASA includes the Golden Pothos on a list of recommended plants for air purification. It removes benzene, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene from the air.

Great for People:

  • Plant beginners
  • On the go with no time to waste
  • World travelers
  • Who has a small space but want immediate impact

Great for Space:

  • Rooms with low-medium light (northern or eastern exposure)
  • Vertical space to hang baskets or on shelves so the vine can hang
  • Use as an underplanting with other similar plant’s cultural needs

How to Care for a Golden Pothos Plant

Light preference

The Golden Pothos loves medium to low indirect light. Placing near an eastern or northern window source would be ideal. Rotate the plant a half turn each time it’s watered to ensure it gets even light on both sides of the plant.


Allow the soil to dry out between watering. When it needs more water, it’s leaves will start to curl. Flush the soil with rain, filtered, or bottled water for the best results. It enjoys high humidity, so spritz it occasionally or place it on top of a pebble tray filled with water to create humidity.

Ideal Temps

This tropical plant enjoys temperatures between 70-90°F, which is its environment in the remote islands in the South Pacific.

Plant Food/Fertilizer

Fertilize the Golden Pothos with a balanced fertilizer once a month in the spring and summer month is with an organic fertilizer for optimum growth and plant health. Let it rest in the fall and winter months from fertilization. When fertilizing, make sure the indoor plant isn’t stressed (dry or soaking wet, or has a pest or disease).

Repotting Frequency

Check the roots every two years, and if it is ready to repot, go up 2 inches in diameter with a new pot. Use containers with drainage holes, so your roots don’t get waterlogged. Transplant in the spring or summer. If your vines are long, gently tie them to keep them out of the way until you’re finished.

If the vines have gotten out of order and a bit messy, you can always clip them off and propagate a new plant. This will stimulate new growth on your existing plant too. You can place the stems in water to cover two nodes. Change the water out every couple of days using filtered, rain, or bottled water. Roots will begin to form. When they have several inches of the root system, it’s easy to plant them in moist, well-drained soil. Or another way is to cut off and dip in some rooting hormone, then stick into the well-drained indoor potting mix. Water, fertilize, and proceed with regular plant care.


When cleaning these plants, put in a shower and fill a watering can with filtered water and rinse the leaves. Let drain and air dry naturally. Spritzing with filtered, bottled, or rainwater will also clean their leaves easily.

Common Issues of the Golden Pothos Plant

Sometimes pests can hop from plant to plant. Be aware of your plant and examine it each time you water. Look at the stems, underside of the leaves and soil around it. Some pothos may get spider mites, scale, or mealybugs. Identify and treat promptly. Otherwise, this plant is an excellent plant for the low maintenance indoor gardener!

Complimentary Plants with your Golden Pothos plant:

Dieffenbachia is an excellent plant to team with your Golden Pothos. It would be a lovely understory plant to plant together as both enjoy medium, indirect light, and like the same soil conditions and humidity. The variegated leaves of both will play off each other and create a very eye-catching look to your indoor plant collection.

ZZ Plants are another extremely low-maintenance indoor plant and could be treated like a succulent. Like the Golden Pothos, it likes medium to low light and prefers the soil to dry out completely between waterings. It has an upright appearance next to the hanging vine, which gives variety to any indoor space.

For more information on caring for your new indoor plant, check out our comprehensive care guide here.