Style Your Front Door with Entryway Plants

First impressions matter, and plants at the entryway to your home sets a peaceful mood! So start at the front door to add some juju to the place!

Follow Feng Shui at the Front Door

For an idea, set an urn on either side of the door for a symmetrical look and fill them with lush foliage. This symmetry is seen in the practice of feng shui. Placement like this can attract various energies into the home, depending on which plants you select and the color of blooms. Additionally, positioning plants on both sides of the door can help lower the energy flow into the home, devising a more soothing and inviting atmosphere.

One-Pot, Many Plants

You can even add several entryway plants to the same pot as long as the patio plants all coordinate with the exact needs like light, moisture, and humidity. For example, choosing a plant that spills over the edge gives a luscious look, then add a mid-size one that fills in the middle and finally a taller one that says, 'look at me!'

Often, entry doors are covered with a stoop or front porch and don't get much direct sun. Therefore, evaluate the hours per day on both sides (since light may be different) before purchasing one of our plants, so they adapt to your environment.

Hanging Baskets & Window Box Appeal

If you have a large front porch, consider hanging Boston ferns along the front to give that southern front porch appeal. And don't forget to pour some sweet ice tea for the guests! And for an extra cottage feel, add a window box near the entryway. We love to peak out our windows and see pops of color. Our begonias make a welcoming bouquet with their vivid color blooms, and if your window is in the shade, our Rex Begonias will steal the show!

Create a Mood in the Entryway with Plants

"Honey, I'm home!" You're finally home from a long day at work! It's a nice visual when you open the door and see one of your favorite plants greeting you with your furry friends. Greening the entryway creates all sorts of moods, including joyfulness, romance, calm, and festiveness, to name a few. Convey the mood you want to set with indoor plants and start creating your urban jungle at the front door!

Create calm with an entrance that includes a console where you could incorporate a unique vignette of plants and give a respite feeling. For example, suppose you have a smaller space in this area, then group smaller-sized plants in odd numbers of different textures and heights on the console. One plant may look out of proportion so group them to achieve the scale of the entryway. For this grouping, you can add in branches from your favorite fall-colored tree outdoors for a bit of autumn festiveness or gather a few cut flowers with your kiddos to bring nature indoors and display it in a vase.

 When having a get-together, you can pop in a few colorful flowering plants to make it more festive and cheerful to greet guests! Try our assortment of Guzmania Bromeliads and Flamingo flowers for these occasions, and pour the margaritas, señorita!

Anchor a Corner with Taller Indoor Plants

With a more prominent entry, you could splurge and get a larger plant that is the correct proportion to the space in the room by going taller. Set it in an empty corner to anchor the room. Choose a distinguishing vessel to house the plant and add a drainage plate under it to protect your floors. When choosing larger plants, ensure they don't block the egress or ingress to keep the energy flow! It's also helpful to avoid any plant that could puncture the skin to keep everyone safe.

Living Plants as Art

Create grandeur within a stairwell at the entryway using a large-impact living wall planter filled with our stylish indoor plants. Use our Chinese Money Plant's glossy leaves and Croton's colored leaves to reflect light and add texture and style to soften the sharp, angular lines of stairs and doorways.

 Display your plants as living art for a plain wall for a smaller entryway. Hang a planter with a frame around it on the wall and create that lush look tightly grown together within grids giving a new perspective on living art!

 One specimen plant in the middle of an entryway table can be an artistic sculpture piece on display like our Ficus Ginseng (Ficus microcarpa 'Ginseng')

When you add green indoor plants to your entryway space, you'll recognize the warmth and relaxation they convey. Indoor plants are a comforting and welcoming accessory to any entryway and set the mood.

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