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Dragon Trees For Delivery Combine Beauty And Strength


More popularly known as the dragon tree, "dracaena marginata," a species native to Madagascar, comes in an extensive range of leaf colors, leaf sizes, and trunk types, so the dragon trees for delivery in our Dragon's Lair collection blend harmoniously with many styles. Apart from its beauty from any angle, dragon plants for delivery are much loved by plant owners of every skill level because they're drought resistant and nearly indestructible, so they're easy to care for. If you want a plant that's doubly beautiful and doubly durable, look no further than the dragon trees for delivery in our Dragon's Lair collection.


Plants That Master The Art Of Being Unique


The dragon trees for delivery in our Dragon's Lair collection get you big results at home or in the office because they can be used as large potted plants that make great focal points. Choose the Marginata Dragon Tree to create a powerful statement that reflects your impeccable taste. With its candelabra-shaped trunk and spiky red-edged leaves, it adds a delicate and intricate aesthetic that's breathtaking. While dragon trees for delivery can grow quite large, plant newbies will find the Rare Cane Arturo Dragon Tree a perfect addition to your desk at work and just the right size.


A Plant For All Reasons


While the dragon trees for delivery in our collection get glowing recommendations for their ornamental value, they're not only great to look at but have a host of scientifically proven benefits that make them exceptionally practical too. Dracaena marginata, in particular, rids the air of toxic gases from lacquers found in hairspray and furniture cleaners like polish and varnish known to cause health issues. If you need more reasons to consider dragon trees for delivery for your home and office, they also regulate humidity, improve focus, and absorb harmful lead particles.


Count On Our Commitment And Expertise


It's natural to fall in love with the easygoing, durable dragon trees for delivery. If unique is what you seek, the variety of dracaena marginata in Lively Root's Dragon's Lair collection is especially for you. Rest assured that once you've chosen the dragon trees for delivery that are ideal for you, we'll ship them farm-fresh directly to your doorstep. We're committed not only to making plant shopping a true pleasure. We're there to ensure plant delivery is an absolute convenience too!