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San Bernardino Plant Delivery

Best Live Plants For Sale in San Bernardino, CA

Buy plants online and transform your space with Lively Root’s plant delivery in San Bernardino, California. Our plant delivery service is dedicated to helping you transform your home into a healthier and greener space.

Choose from our curated houseplants for sale and order plants online at your convenience! 

Buy Plants Online in San Bernardino, CA

With Lively Root’s live plant delivery, you’ll receive your new plants by mail, delivered to your doorstep in sustainable packaging

Whether it’s drought-tolerant patio plants, desk plants for your office, or dazzling floral centerpieces for your business gala event, we can help. From elegant palms or hanging plants to colorful flowering varieties and cute succulents, you can choose plants online to fit any style and interior.

Lively Root’s house plant delivery also includes plant gift options for any special occasion, such as weddings and anniversaries. Add a personalized pot to your order, or surprise a friend with a gift card or gift subscription! And our team will do the rest! For our business clients, we offer convenient corporate plant delivery to help them effortlessly buy plants, whether for a business event or as a corporate gift.

Here are some of the best reasons to get live plants for sale for your home: 

  • Air-purifying properties
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Interior decoration
  • Boosting your property’s curb appeal
  • Relieve stress and improve focus and productivity

Order Plants Online: Choose the Right Houseplants for Sale

Some vital points to consider before using Lively Root’s San Bernardino plant delivery service include:

  • Hardiness zones: Choose plants suitable for the San Bernardino climate (hardiness zones 9-10).
  • Size of space: Whether it’s your home or office, consider how much space you have for plants.
  • Light conditions: Some plants require plenty of light, while low-light plants are perfect for dimly lit interiors, such as north-facing bedrooms.
  • Care level: Consider how much time you’d be able to give your plants; if you’ve got a busy schedule, consider easy-care plants.
  • Pet friendliness: Pet owners will appreciate pet-friendly plants that won’t harm their cats or dogs.

If you’re unsure how to choose, our Jungle Calculator can help!

Explore Our Potted Plants: Green up Your Space in San Bernardino  

Depending on your space, you can decorate your home with sun-loving tropical plants, like the Pygmy Date Palm. It’s compact and boasts beautiful fronds that can bring exotic vibes to your interior.

Brighten up a corner with the beautiful and resilient ZZ Plant, which will also thrive on your patio, due to the hot summers in  San Bernardino. The plant’s law-maintenance needs make it ideal for novice plant enthusiasts.

Or why not gift yourself or a loved one a spectacular Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree? This stunning large plant enjoys humidity, so you may need to spritz it occasionally in dry weather.

Enjoy Our Fast Plant Delivery in San Bernardino Today

Get gorgeous indoor plants for sale with Lively Root’s plants delivery in San Bernardino! We deliver locally to 48 states. And if you join our Garden Club, you can enjoy exclusive perks and discounts!

Discover the perfect plants for your home in San Bernardino with Lively Root!