How to Decorate the Living Room with Indoor Plants

Decorate the living room with indoor plants to create your urban jungle. Use plants to anchor a space and create ambiance in the room. 

By: Debbie Neese
May 17, 2022
How to Decorate the Living Room with Indoor Plants
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Need a few ideas on how to decorate your living room with indoor plants? Stay tuned - We've got some creative ways to get your green space lush and memorable for those rainy-day-Mondays and cozy Friday nights. 

Luxury Heights and Cozy Corners for Indoor Plants

If you're one of the lucky ones and have expansive ceiling height, yay, you! Anchor the room with a larger specimen next to the sofa or a sectional. Try out a Pygmy Date Palm or a beloved Fiddle Leaf Fig. Both have significantly different sizes and textures to the leaf, so have fun with the details! 

If your space doesn't have those luxury height features, not to worry. Make an illusion of your own by using several hanging baskets grouped in the same area to indicate a linear vertical image. If you have room on your coffee table to spare, use a taller plant that sprawls a bit like our Ponytail Palm or a Giant Bird of Paradise

Any corner that looks barren and lonely, add one of our stalwarts, the Zeylanica Snake Plant or Variegated Laurentii Snake Plant with her yellow highlights. Both can survive in a not-so-bright corner and still give you a bit of color. They both also lend themselves to that vertical line that designers emphasize. Just remember to rotate these plants 1/2 a turn each time you water to give their leaves an even distribution of light. 


Create Evening Ambiance with Indoor Plants

Tuck a few plants on the grate or the hearth like our Philodendron Birkin, Alocasia Polly, and Lemon Button Fern when you're not using the fireplace during the summer months. Then, add some floating candles in water at different heights to mimic the ambiance and help create humidity around them. For example, a trailing plant like our Golden Pothos, Spider plant, or various ivies gives a Bohemian feel hanging off the mantel and embellishes the scene. Pour a glass of wine, curl up by your indoor jungle plants and read a good book! 


Soften Structures and Group Plant Collections

Hanging and floating shelves can hold a collection of books or pottery and always needs a plant to soften the structure. Try our Neanthe Bella Parlor Palm. She's perfect for these types of vignettes. Add a Chinese Money Plant and a Maidenhair Fern for texture and contrast. These come in small eco-pots and will fit under a shelf in your living room. 

Adding larger planters in and around living room furniture can bring color and sculptural details. Elevate indoor plants on pedestals if he isn't fully grown yet to give more height. As you collect more plants, group them in odd numbers to provide a more voluptuous display. A collection increases the humidity level around them, in which some plants thrive. 

To choose the right plant for your living room area, observe how much light you get in the space and humidity. Then, take our Lively Root Plant Finder quiz online to see what plants are best for you! After that, move to the next room for more spaces to decorate with indoor plants! More rooms, more lively plants!