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Medium Plants

Add some color with medium-sized house plants for delivery 

When it comes to color, our medium plants deliver. As well as the usual shades of lime, emerald, and deep dark green, this collection also includes vibrant tropical plants like croton petra. Truly unique, it has rainbow foliage with shades of red, orange, pink, and yellow. Look out for variegated varieties like our snake plants — their sword-shaped leaves are patterned in a similar way to snakeskin, with stripes of darker green and yellow trims for a striking look. 

Bring beautiful blooms into your home

Bright and patterned leaves are one way to bring vibrant color into your home. Another way is to choose medium-sized house plants for delivery that will burst into bloom. Our medium-sized blooming collection features lavish plants with long-lasting flowers. Look out for elegant peace lilies, bold flamingo flowers, and our cute-as-can-be pineapple plants with fruit. 

Our lush medium plant bundles will ramp up your indoor jungle

If buying one plant at a time isn't your style, our medium-sized plant bundles make it easy to get your fill. Our in-store experts have picked out the perfect combination based on size, color, and the amount of care they need. They're made up of some popular picks. Try our spiky spiders with flamboyant peacocks for a jungle-like blend of colors and foliage. Or, for a double dose of feng shui, try our delicately rounded money plants with jagged snake plants. All of these make excellent housewarming gifts too!

Discover quirky new medium-sized house plants for delivery

As plant lovers, one of our favorite things to do is discovering stunning new varieties. In our new-in collection, you can browse our latest medium-sized finds alongside large and small plants that are worth falling in love with. Sometimes we'll have the plants that Pinterest is going crazy for, and other times we'll have varieties that you haven’t heard of yet. Either way, we're constantly updating our inventory. Some we'll have a limited stock of, so act quickly if you see a plant baby that you have to have.