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Houseplants & Indoor Plants: Questions & Answers

Explore A Fresh Perspective With Indoor Plants

Whether you have tons of square footage at home or a lack thereof, indoor plants have become a decorating must-have to convey your creativity and innovation. If you’re complaining that your space isn’t cozy and welcoming, chances are you’re missing a natural attraction, such as a plant. Indoor plants make warm and natural focal points to balance your indoor space while taking up minimal real estate. Best of all, the indoor houseplants for sale delivery in this collection are horticulture expert-proven to improve your health every day, from cleaning the air you breathe to boosting your mental well-being.

Your Perfect House Plant Is Here

But what if you don't have a green thumb? That's the natural beauty of our indoor plants collection. We at Lively Root believe everyone deserves a plant, even if you have zero experience with them. Now you can choose indoor plants that are ideal for your knowledge and your lifestyle. Start with an easy plant like the New Plant Parents bundle with three hard- to-kill plants. It's the perfect way to develop your green thumb minus the guilt. Want more of a challenge? Then the gorgeous but high-maintenance Fiddle Leaf Fig will test if you have the right stuff.

Nobody Knows Plants Like Us

How can we be so confident you can grow the indoor plants in our collection regardless of your plant know-how? That’s because, with our over a century of  combined expertise, we’re your assurance you will get the most out of your indoor plants. From where to put your plants to how much to water them, Lively Root is your faithful traveling companion on your botanical journey. Expert advice is only an email away.

Lively Root Races Into The Lead

Our commitment to service means we’re with you every step of the way. From our loving nursery to your door, we’ll take care of the hard part, so you can relax and enjoy your indoor plants immediately. Lively Root's houseplants for sale ship everywhere in the continental United States in the genuine farm-to-table service you deserve. As a result, your indoor plants arrive in fresh and healthy shape to brighten your day.