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Congratulations: Questions & Answers

Celebrate big (and small) things with congratulations plants

We don't need an excuse to buy gift plants. This curated collection is packed with gems that will put an even bigger smile on the recipient’s face. You'll find offbeat options like the pineapple plant with fruit — a natural air purifier, it's super adorable and makes an excellent addition to bright bedrooms. If your friend is known for their green thumbs, treat them to a fiddle leaf fig. These large plants are the darling of interior design influencers, but can be tricky to care for — ideal for people who like a challenge. If you're celebrating a promotion or graduation, you can't go wrong with a Chinese money plant. Their round leaves look like coins, and they're believed to bring good fortune.

Choose gift plants to suit their lifestyle

Before buying a congrats plant, think about your friend's lifestyle. If they travel a lot, they'll need a low maintenance plant that can happily go for weeks without water. Some house plants are poisonous to curious animals, so if your friend has dogs or cats, it's best to stick to pet-friendly plants. If they're outdoorsy and spend lots of time in their garden, they might appreciate patio plants, while workaholics will love having a small tabletop plant to place on their desk at work. We've categorized all of our house plants for delivery into collections, so it's easy to browse plants based on the recipient's needs and lifestyle.

When to order congratulations plants for delivery

It's never a good idea to leave things to the last minute. If you want to give your plant in person, we recommend placing your order at least 10 days before you want to receive it. We can deliver directly to the recipient too, so long as they live within the continental USA. Some states have restrictions on certain plants, so before you fall in love with one of our tropical plants, take a quick look under the 'add to basket' button. If it's a restricted variety, we'll put a disclaimer there to avoid disappointment. Read more about how we deliver house plants.