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Gifts For Husband: Questions & Answers

A Husband Gift He’ll Always Remember


Husband Appreciation Day is on the third Saturday of April when all husbands, whether they’ve got kids or not (like on Father’s Day), can feel an extra helping of love. If you want to thank your husband for their love, company, and support, this would be the day, and the best way is with a husband gift he’ll never forget. As with all annual traditions, it’s easy to run out of one-of-a-kind gift ideas for husbands (tie anyone?) that will be memorable and much appreciated. The good news is that plants are always a welcome husband gift that’s anything but ordinary.

Plants Are Unique Gifts For Husbands


Just because this little-known holiday takes a backseat to Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t find a husband gift as unique as the man in your life. Go big with the Ruby Rubber Tree, a plant so robust its aerial roots are even used to build bridges during monsoon season. We guarantee this all-weather plant will be at home anywhere. If you want a token of your love with a heartfelt husband gift, the Hoya Heart is another easy-going plant that bestows a romantic touch. Since it takes very little space, your husband can take the romance and adventure of plants anywhere in his life.


Say Thank You With Plants


If you’re out of ideas for creative and thoughtful gifts for my husband, plants will express your emotions with many benefits past their beauty. When you give plants as your husband gift, you also give him the gifts of good health, concern for the environment, and finally, your best wishes. Best of all, plants make delightful keepsakes as your husband gift because, unlike a tie and other gifts, they can live a long and happy life, often with very little care. That makes plants a timeless gift to make the moment and beyond the special day.


Plants Make Gift-Giving A True Pleasure


Ready to give your husband the gift that keeps on giving? Plants are at once a symbol of thanks, love, and devotion that he will treasure forever. At Lively Root, our motto is that everyone deserves a plant, especially on their special day. We make giving plants as a husband gift shipped fresh from our loving nursery to your door easy.