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Parent's Day Plant Gifts: Questions & Answers

Parents Gifts To Show Them How Much You Care


Because we would be nowhere without our parents, we celebrate what a gift of nature they indeed are on National Parents’ Day annually on the fourth Sunday of July with parents’ gifts to express our gratitude. This holiday was established in 1994 to encourage parents to acknowledge their significant role in their child’s life. Therefore, thoughtful parents’ gifts like plants not only say thanks for the sacrifices they make. Plants make the best gifts for parents because they make a powerful statement that you honor their nurturing nature and place your trust in them to care for a living present.

Plants Express The Right Feeling For The Holiday


Plants are parents’ gifts that perfectly express your feelings while being a meaningful gift all its own. For example, the Aralia Fabian Stump is an indoor shrub with a subtle beauty, strength, and durability that says it all. Better yet, it’s a highly low-maintenance house plant your parents will have the simple pleasure of caring for. The Tropical Delight Guzmania Bromeliad is sure to be a welcome addition to your parents’ home with its rare and exciting beauty. As far as parents’ gifts go, it’s a timeless present that makes the moment.

Plants Are Doubly Beautiful And Doubly Practical


Lively Root’s mission is to inspire and connect through greener spaces. Giving parents of any age our easy-to-grow plants as parents’ gifts encourages them to cultivate their own green corner of life. However, giving the gift of green to older parents is an even better idea since you’ll be giving them the gift of health and happiness. Plants provide unmatched health and wellness benefits, especially for aging adults. Therefore, giving plants as parents’ gifts puts them on the path to living green.


Incomparable Service From Our Nursery To Your Door


Ready to impress your parents in a way they’ll never forget? Let Lively Root help you commemorate the holiday by sending plants as parents’ gifts. Once you’ve chosen the plant that expresses your sincere thanks, you can rely on us to do the rest. We ship from our loving nursery directly to their door in an authentic farm-to-tabletop experience, so you’re plants arrive fresh and without delay as unforgettable parents’ gifts for National Parents’ Day!