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Plant Gifts for Aunts & Uncles: Questions & Answers

An Aunt Gift That's Sure To Be A Priceless Treasure


National Aunt and Uncle's Day is celebrated yearly on July 26th in appreciation of the unsung heroes of your family. Your parents' siblings, your aunts, and uncles do a great deal for you and hold a special place in your heart. It's time to honor them with an aunt gift or uncle gift that's a reflection of your sincere thanks. Even if this is your first time observing this day, shopping for aunt and uncle gifts that are unforgettable and much appreciated may be tricky. The good news is that plants will be an aunt gift she'll never forget.

Plants That Are A Breeze To Own


Whether you will be commemorating an uncle day, aunt day, or a moment of both, these gift ideas for aunt and uncle will remind them why you're so grateful to have them. For example, the always-popular Money Tree is literally the gift of good luck wherever they take this eye-pleasing aunt gift. Not only is it a lasting beauty that's easy to care for, but it's also known for cleaning the air with similar ease. If you want to give an aunt gift that will become a family heirloom, Everyone's Favorite Golden Pothos is extremely beautiful and nearly indestructible. The likewise low-maintenance plant can survive virtually everything, so it's sure to be appreciated for a lifetime.


Plants Are A Loving Gift For Family


Giving plants for Aunt and Uncle Day is a loving way to convey your appreciation. When you give a plant, you're doing more than adding a touch of beauty to their day. You are also giving them the gift of good health. It's because giving a plant as an aunt gift comes with many distinct health benefits to make your relatives healthier and happier.


Plants Show That You Chose Gifts Thoughtfully


If we've inspired you to choose plants for your perfect aunt gift this holiday, then we've done our job. While Lively Root’s mission to inspire and connect with greener spaces, we also give you the service you deserve. Count on us to deliver your aunt gift of greenery from our nursery to her door fast and fresh the way nature made it!