Plants as Gifts: Questions & Answers

Plant gifts for anniversaries

What's more romantic than something that will grow alongside your relationship? Our selection of anniversary gift plants is where you'll find our most romantic plants. Some, like the syngonium white butterfly, have heart-shaped foliage. Others, such as the flamingo flower, have vibrant red colors to signify your passion for each other. Then there are a few simple options, like English Ivy, which can thrive in the toughest conditions — how symbolic is that?

Welcome them to their new home with housewarming plants

It's always hard to buy housewarming gifts, as people have specific taste in décor and artwork. House plants help you to get around that. They work well with most design aesthetics, and it's the perfect way to help the new homeowner in your life start off their indoor garden. Large floor plants will grow through the years and remind them of when they first moved in. Symbolic choices, like money trees and Chinese money plants, are said to bring good fortune. And who doesn't need a bit of luck on moving day?

Plant gifts are great for graduates, too

Commemorate the moment they enter the adult world by giving them the ultimate responsibility — a little green buddy to take care of. Plants make excellent graduation gifts, bringing a touch of homeliness and color to their post-college apartment. Our Lil’ Bit small plants are ideal for placing on desks, so once they get that all-important first job, they can keep it nearby as a reminder of their academic achievements. It's way more socially acceptable than keeping a graduation photo in the office anyway.

Not sure which plant gifts to get? Let them choose

If you know they're wild about plants but aren't sure what they already have, what they need or what they'd much rather avoid, treat them to a Lively Root gift card. You can load it with $10 to $100 worth of credit so they can put money towards the investment plant they've been coveting, or pick up one or two small tabletop plants.